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Most accurate way to play parlay

Parlay bets, often regarded as one of the most enticing odds provided by bookmakers, attract widespread participation from numerous bettors. However, owing to its inherent high risk, this type of bet is commonly considered unsuitable for beginners. Despite its challenging nature, the potential rewards of a successful parlay bet are significant. Now, let's delve into a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies involved in playing parlay bets within the realm of football betting, guided by free vip betting tips telegram!

What is a parlay bet?

Parlay betting (or also known as combo betting) is a type of odds in football betting in particular and sports betting in general. In the realm of football, this type of bet represents the combination of multiple different match odds. True to its name, you have to "combine" multiple odds to form a parlay and participate in betting.

The condition for winning a parlay bet is that all component bets within it must win. It's like a machine in operation, where if one cog fails, the whole machine fails. And in parlay betting, if even one bet loses, the wins from the remaining bets are meaningless.

When playing parlay bets, bettors choose matches with the same odds. For example, you can play an Asian handicap parlay bet with 2, 3, or 4 matches. Or you can also play a parlay bet with European handicap odds, over/under odds, score odds, etc. In general, any single bet, when combined into one ticket, can be considered a parlay.

According to betting experts, parlay bets are considered one of the most difficult types of bets with odds of only 8.5% (according to calculations by the bookmaker FB88). That's why it can be said that this type of bet is not suitable for beginners but only suitable for experienced professionals in the industry.

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Guide to playing parlay bets in detail

Below, we will guide you on how to play parlay bets with 3 commonly offered odds by bookmakers.

Asian handicap parlay bets, over/under

The reason we combine these two types of odds is that they are related to each other. The over/under bet is separated from the Asian handicap bet, but their common characteristic is that they are odds (which are numerical values) provided by the bookmaker. Therefore, when playing these bets, there are ways to calculate winnings, losses, half-win, or half-loss as follows.

When playing parlay bets with Asian handicap or over/under odds, you still need to separate them. Depending on each betting ticket for each match, you will select appropriate numerical values. And when playing bets with these two odds, the winnings and losses will be calculated as follows:

Winnings = Win odds x (1 + (Half-win odds - 1) / 2) x 1/2 (Half-loss odds) x 1 (Draw odds)

In the case of losing the entire bet, the loss will be equal to the previous bet amount. If losing half, you will lose half of the bet amount multiplied by the odds of each individual bet.

European handicap parlay bets

According to statistics, the European handicap is the most preferred type of bet for parlay betting by many bettors. This is because this type of odds is easy to analyze and calculate. The method of playing parlay bets with European handicap odds involves combining multiple different matches into a single betting ticket. The formula for calculating winnings is as follows: Parlay winnings = odds bet 1 x odds bet 2 x odds bet 3 x ... X odds bet N.

Experiences in playing parlay bets to increase winning odds

It can be stated that parlay betting is a challenging form of betting and not everyone can handle it. And if you are ambitious to play parlay bets, here are some betting tips win not to be overlooked:

Play parlay bets with 2 or 3 matches, rather than being greedy and choosing 4, 5, or more. The longer the parlay, the higher the risk and the lower the odds of winning.

In a round of football matches, there are usually from 5 to 7 pairs of matches happening simultaneously. If playing parlay bets, choose matches with disparities, then bet on the stronger teams in a parlay.

Prefer playing parlay bets with European handicap odds because it will only have two possible outcomes, win or lose, and not depend on the odds provided by the bookmaker. And when playing parlay bets with European handicap odds, avoid choosing matches where both teams have similar strengths.


Have you thoroughly absorbed the insights provided in the preceding article from esteemed bookmakers regarding the intricacies of parlay betting? These particular odds present a formidable challenge, with their winning probabilities hovering at relatively modest levels. Consequently, should you opt to engage in parlay betting, it is imperative to meticulously scrutinize the odds and diligently implement the strategies and recommendations elucidated earlier. Read more: Football Match 100 sure home win prediction for Today and Tomorrow


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