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ADP Foundations
(Ajeet Dangg Pordung-Foundation)
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At ADP (Ajeet Dangg Pordung) Foundation, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of individual and communities around the World. Our mission is -1<to promote promote -Research,Impart Education and training for the development of socio-economic and spiritual aspect in different field especially in rural areas.

2.To develop educational facilities and to eradicate illiteracy among  the backward peoples.

3.To abolish the employment of the society by implementing self sustainable developmental program.

4.To provide affordable medical facilities to weaker section of the societies. 5.To conduct student exchange programme at national and international platform for exchange of knowledge and culture.

6.To adapt Govt. PHC on public private partnership.

Elementary School

ADP Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged communities around the world. We are committed to promoting sustainable development and creating positive change through our various projects and initiatives.

We strive to empower individuals, families and communities to break the cycle of poverty, and to achieve their goals for a better future. With the help of our generous donors, volunteers and partners, we are working to make a lasting impact.

Elementary School

What We Do

Provide Scholarship For UPSC civil Services Examination,Coaching

Micro Scholar to Students from class-1 (one) to Class-12 (twelve)

Leadership Training Programme for Youth.

Transforming Lives

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Local Non-Profit Makes a Splash with Summer Fundraiser

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of ADP Foundation

June 5, 2023

Interview with ADP Foundation Director

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